Confidence from Assurance Mapping 100+ risks across 38+ pivotal elements leading to focus on 7 strategic pillars of Cloud Security


A secure AWS foundation to protect & secure


Based on the AWS well-architected framework; our experts guide you through the various available possibilities within AWS to achieve reasonable standards of security in your AWS environments

AWS Security Strategies & Pillars

We have constructed a clear and articulated way for our client to understand, what needs to be implemented to achieve each of the 4 AWS Security strategies across, 5 AWS security pillars

Defense in depth

That is precisely why NxxT has devised the “AWS Defense-in-Depth” services

NxxT’s team is equipped to understand every principle and layer to assess, if the organization has adopted the necessary controls that are natively available from AWS. The engagement focusses on what can be optimized and achieved without having to adopt 3rd party solutions, as per the recommendations of AWS Well architected security framework.

Some questions that we seek to help with:

  1. Have I made most of my AWS controls?
  2. Have I optimized the security features?
  3. When and where to depend on 3rd party security?
  4. Questions that we can help you answer:
  5. Using native AWS Security
  6. How do I achieve: Enforcing of Security Policies & Configuration
  7. How can I conduct Runtime Security Engagement
  8. Is third-party CSPM Solution required?
  9. Can I achieve: Network Firewalling, Visibility and Micro Segmentation
  10. How can I achieve: Exploit Prevention/Memory Protection
  11. How to ensure IAM Auditing and Forensics

Security & Compliance Assessment

Our automated assessments on your AWS Cloud accounts can demonstrate state of security & compliance in less than 30 mins  

Security Architecture

Our experts guide on the concept of “Security by design” and help adopt a ‘security first’.

Security Automation

May it be workloads, containers, API’s, the orchestration can be achieved
if automated the right way. We will show your how!

Vulnerability Analysis

Using on-demand automated assessments helps analyze existing
AWS infrastructure for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.