Confidence from Assurance Mapping 100+ risks across 38+ pivotal elements leading to focus on 7 strategic pillars of Cloud Security

About us

Who we are and what we do?

A firm that is inspired by “constant change”. Cybersecurity NxxT! – next-gen solution providers dealing with all things cloud security.

Our adept team carries a combined 100+ years of pure-play cybersecurity experience, having consistently enabled our trusted clients with solutions and services purely stemming out of Industry Foresight and Market Insights, combined with decades of skills in the field of Cyber.

We strive to lead organizations into making informed risk-centric decisions with our specialization in cybersecurity aimed at enabling a secure cloud ecosystem.

With our base in India, we continue to foster our relationships with global vendors, solution providers and clients.

Why Cybersecurity-NxxT?

As a firm, we are committed to assurance. We strive to be vigilant and are channelled with assurance in matters of digital guardianship and data integrity. Just like the Owl that represents our virtue, we are Sincere. Smart. Secure. And, a step ahead, always.

Our Pride

Our Clients, Our Partners, and Our People!

While our focus lies in offering cloud security, we ensure that our value system creates capability mentoring, training, and opportunities across tiers. At any point in time, we aim to ensure diversity in our team by being humble catalysts in career-making programs, irrespective of where each of our members may have started from. We make special efforts to groom our freshers, so that they too may grow into the business and lead it tomorrow.

We do this because we believe everyone can win!